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Top 5 fireplace / wood stove lighters

Winter is approaching, the days are getting shorter and the house is getting colder. The energy and gas prices are shooting through the roof.. and then the wood stove is a good alternative! But do you already have a cool lighter for your wood stove? Today we list in a top 5 which are the toughest and best lighters to light your fireplace.


openhaard aansteker cozy1. Cozy Quattro Lighter - 

The Cozy Quattro is one of the most robust lighters we have in our range! Very popular for the stove and the barbecue. This lighter has a firm grip and has 4 flames of 1300 degrees. This makes him extremely suitable. Click here to order it


houtkachel aansteker champ high2. Champ High Quattro Lighter - 

This is one of our most popular lighters, this lighter also produces 4 huge flames of no less than 1300 degrees. You can raise and lower it with the gas control and it has a safety button.
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3. Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter - 
This Tobaliq lighter is a completely different variant of the number 1 and 2 that you have seen. For a smaller price you will receive a lighter in an elongated shape with 1 flame. In addition to being suitable for your wood-burning stove, this is also extremely useful as a lighter for your candles! Click here to order it


quattro aansteker houtkachel4. Champ Quattro Lighter - 
The Champ Quattro lighter is another one for your wish list. For a slightly lower price, it is still equipped with 4 flames of 1300 degrees, which makes it very good for lighting. It is also smaller which makes it easier to store. Click here to order it
houtkachel aansteker5. Prof Party Lighter - 
If we talk about good additions to your living room, then the Prof Party Lighter is the 10/10. With this lighter you can light your stove, light candles and open a beer bottle! So an all-in-one. 
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This is our top 5 lighters for the wood stove! All products in our range come with a 30-day quality guarantee. So you don't have to worry about it being disappointing. You will be amazed at the addition you get with our burners. We deliver in the Netherlands and Belgium! 

Make sure you're warm this winter and feel free to look at your favorite within the top 5 or beyond!  

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  • Prof Jet Lighter

    Normal price €4,95 EUR
    Normal price Offer Price €4,95 EUR
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  • Prof Mini Lighter

    Normal price €5,95 EUR
    Normal price Offer Price €5,95 EUR
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  • Prof Tankboy Lighter

    Normal price €5,95 EUR
    Normal price Offer Price €5,95 EUR
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  • Atomic Tankboy

    Normal price €5,95 EUR
    Normal price Offer Price €5,95 EUR
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