Nieuw in ons assortiment!

New in our assortment!

Now that we have reopened our webshop, you can clearly see that we have not been sitting still. As promised, we have added many new types of lighters to our assortment! 

These are the new products that have been added to our assortment:

Tobaliq Dual Torch, finally we were able to add dual torch lighters to our range. We received a lot of demand and we are proud to present the little brother of the Tobaliq Black Turbo Torch. The Tobaliq Dual Torch is available for a price of €5,95.

And if we do it... we do it well! That's why we added not 1. but 2 new dual torch lighters. The Atomic Dual Torch is the second double torch lighter that we have added to our assortment for a very tight price of €4.95. 

And the Atomic Dual Torch is not the only addition from the side of Atomic. We also present the super fine little Atomic Tankboy Torch with its very reasonable price of €3,95 this is a real bargain to add to your order!

Finally... yes we have kept the excitement going! A brand new Quattro torch. We present to you the Cozy Quattro Torch. A super robust fine Quattro torch that does not compromise on quality and is really worth buying if you like big and robust with a good flame! It is available for a price of €16.95.

The coming months we have a lot more expansions of our assortment planned so keep following our blog or follow us easily on social media.