Dit moet je weten over PyroProducts

What you should know about PyroProducts

We understand that questions arise from the name PyroProducts. On our about us page we already explain a bit where the name comes from ... namely derived from the Greek word "pyro" which stands for fire. To make you even more familiar with PyroProducts, we have a few fun facts that you may not have known!


1. There are daily 2-10 people working on the orders of the webshop and bol.com

2. PyroProducts was opened in October 2021 and within 3 months grew into one of the largest suppliers of gas lighters.

3. We sell more than 10,000 items annually. 

4. PyroProducts was founded by Mikki van der Lee known from the YouTube channel DasMikki - Fireworks. 

5. We have the lowest prices in the market.

6. PyroProducts also sells in Belgium.

7. We currently have more than 25 products.

8. In the first 3 months we had already passed the 1000 customers!

9. 80% of our customers are fans of fireworks. 

10. PyroProducts has the fastest shipping.