beste crème-brûlée branders

De 5 beste crème brulée branders

Now that the holidays are approaching, it is very important to get the right things at home to prepare all the delicious dishes during the holidays. The same goes for the popular desert creme brûlée. 

A good crème brûlée burner or a gas burner is therefore very important. It can always be a good addition to your kitchen utensils, because with our creme-brûlée burners you can not only make delicious the delicious dessert; you can also caramelize, gratin and flambé with it.

There is a wide range of burners on the internet, the price differences are huge and the sizes of the lighters are also very different. But how do you choose the right burner? We are going to cover that for you in this blog post. And after reading this blog it will be a lot easier!

We have solved this common problem of choice overload by making our range a top 5, including the differences per burner. Read through these top 5 at your leisure and determine which one is suitable for your kitchen.


beste creme brulee brander aansteker1. Champ High Quattro Lighter - 

This is one of our most popular lighters, highly sought after for the stove and barbecue, but a true crème brûlée topper. This lighter has a firm grip and has 4 flames of 1300 degrees. This makes him extremely suitable. Click here to order it


Creme brulee brander

 2. Tobaliq Black Turbo Lighter - 
This Tobaliq lighter is a completely different variant of the number 1 you have seen. For a smaller price you will receive a lighter in an elongated shape with 1 flame. In addition to being suitable for crème brûlée, this is also extremely useful as a lighter for your candles! Click here to order it


3. Champ Quattro Lighter - 
The little brother of the Champ High lighter. For a nice price, still equipped with 4 flames of 1300 degrees, which makes it very good for burning. It is also somewhat smaller, making it easier to store in the kitchen drawer. Click here to order it
creme brulee brander prof turbo4. Prof Turbo Lighter - 

In terms of budget, this is one to keep an eye on. With its extremely low price, yet elongated thin design, the Prof Turbo lighter fits comfortably in the hand and is very comfortable to have at home.
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Creme brulee brander5. Prof Party Lighter - 
If we talk about good additions to your kitchen utensils, the Prof Party Lighter is the 10/10. With this lighter you can burn crème brûlée, light candles and open a beer bottle! So an all-in-one.
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So there are plenty of possibilities with a kitchen burner that you don't think about at first glance. It is a nice addition to the kitchenware range for every kitchen.

Conclusion, from this top 5 you should easily make a choice based on your wishes and the multifunctional functions our lighters have. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email. 


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